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Parent Educator

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Central Dr, Concord, NC 28027, USA

About the Role

A certified parent educator implements the PAT model, emphasizing parent and child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being in their work with families. Utilizing the PAT Foundational Curriculum in culturally sensitive ways, the parent educator partners, facilitates and reflects with families.

A parent educator will:
Complete an initial and annual family-centered assessment with each family

Develop, monitor, and review goals with each family

Plan, provide, and document personal visits focused on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being

Use the PAT Foundational curriculum to share research-based information with families

Provide group connections to give families an opportunity to build social connections with each other, engage in parent-child interaction activities, and increase their knowledge of ways to support children’s development

Complete at least an initial and annual developmental screening and health review for each enrolled child

Connect families to resources that help them reach their goals and address their needs

Help parents and children transition to other services as needed, to preschool, or to kindergarten

Maintain and submit in a timely way all required family and program documentation

Organize and inventory supplies/ materials, etc.

Participate in at least two hours of reflective supervision monthly and at least two hours of staff meetings monthly

Obtain competency-based professional development and renew parent educator certification annually > Participate in continuous quality improvement

Engage in client recruitment activities (as applicable)


  • The parent educator will have a bachelor’s degree in a human service-related field and experience relevant to serving the target population.  Parent educators will be PAT trained and certified and will implement the program with model fidelity.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (e.g., nonjudgmental, objective, reflective, empathic, patient, tactful)

  • Ability to establish rapport with families and empower them by building on their strengths

  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills

  • Ability to work independently and be self-motivated (often in the field)

  • Computer skills; including web browsing, e-mail, Internet, and word-processing

  • The parent educator must complete the Parents as Teachers Foundational and Model Implementation Trainings before delivering PAT services.

About the Company

Endless Opportunities is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization designed ​to partner and empower individuals.​ The mission of Endless Opportunities is to encourage, aid, and educate parenting teens, families, and members of our community. Our goal is to promote growth and well-being within our target population, provoke change, and positively impact family outcomes. We offer supportive services, group meetings, workshops, and partnership engagements. Endless Opportunities assists families and individuals with achieving self-sufficiency. We partner with local organizations to ensure that people have access to various resources available throughout our county.

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