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Attachment & Bio-Behaviorial Catch-Up (ABC)


ABC is a 10-session program that helps parents to identify and respond to their toddler's signals. Each week a parent coach will conduct a home visit and talk about different ideas related to parenting. During this time, parent-child interaction will take place to identify the positive things you as a caregiver are already doing when you respond to your child.

Families are eligible if they have a toddler between 2 and 4 years old. The primary caregiver must participate in all 10 ABC sessions, and other caregivers and children are encouraged to attend as well.

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  •  Children who have had difficult early experiences often have trouble showing their needs clearly. These children may turn away from their parents or be difficult to soothe even though they truly need their parents to be responsive and comforting- like when they are hurt, frightened, upset, sad, or sick.

  • Children may do this to cope with the tough circumstances they’ve faced.

  • When children act like they don’t need us or act like we can’t soothe them, we may believe them, and we may not respond with nurturance. We may not understand what children are asking us or we may feel rejected or even irritable.

  • We can help these children by being responsive anyway. If we are responsive anyway, we can help children learn that they can trust us to be there for them.

  • If children learn they can trust us, they will turn to us when they need us as they grow up: as older children, teenagers, and even young adults. Parents’ responses when children are young set up children’s expectations of what to expect from their parents as they get older.

For more information please click to apply for ABC Toddler!

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